2011 Mighty Kids Triathlon Houma, LA
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Congratulations to everyone who completed the Mighty Kids Triathlon in Houma on June 26! I hope everyone had a great time and is already looking forward to next year! My main concentration during the race was to make sure that I got everyone coming into the finish line, and I took several photos of everyone. Since the Tykes were set apart from everyone else, I was able to get photos of all of them swimming (I think/hope), on the bike, and either finishing or running. That one was a really fast race so it kept me moving. My wife was good enough to take pictures of everyone exiting the swim, so I thank her for her help in that! The photos of the swim exit will not be posted for sale on CajunCandids.com, as the camera used was of lower quality, but please download any you like from here! Since there was time before anyone began the run, I was able to get a few of the early starters coming out of transition and getting on their bikes. There are also some candid shots thrown in for fun. The awards photos were rather difficult, simply because I've never taken pictures from within a mass of kids and tried to only get the picture of one child, plus the background is not the most beautiful, so I apologize for the lack of beauty, other than the smiles on the kids' faces!

I'd like to thank the race directors for putting on a great race, especially considering it was a first time event! I think they did a great job. And remember, it is because of them that these photos are free for download and personal use. If there are any you would like to order prints of, head on over to CajunCandids.com, and prints can be ordered directly from there. Hope to see you all out racing, whether I'm racing too or just snapping pics!

--Tophie Malloy

PS: I'll also be posting some of the pics (mostly finish line) on my page on Facebook so you can find them there and tag away, without having to upload anything.

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